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Levy has recently begun praying in private with his patients prior to their surgeries, and he is overcoming fear of professional backlash in order to pray more openly in the presence of nurses and even other doctors. Each of the anecdotes he tells is interesting enough in its own right, but after pages I was beginning to wonder about the back story. What could have led him to do something that obviously comes as a surprise to people every time he suggests it?

But then he pauses in the narrative to provide that information.

Einstein's Brain Reveals Clues to Genius

At least, he tells a little about his early years, about a starting out working in a gas station, with no serious career plans, and suddenly realizing that medicine sounds interesting; b making up his mind in med school to be the best, to the extent that he alienates some of his peers; and c beginning to commune with a voice in his head that sometimes challenges what he's doing. Having provided that much summary, he resumes the stories of treating patients. It seems that in many cases prayer or at least the soul-searching that is prompted by prayer and discussion is often demonstrably beneficial.

But not always. Some surgeries do not go well, and some outcomes are tragic. Those become the subject of further prayer. All this is very touching, as is the almost childlike eagerness of many patients and professional people alike to join with him. I would appreciate having such a doctor, because I believe Western medicine errs in taking too narrow a view of illness and treatment. But if I had access to Dr. Levy, there are a lot of questions I'd want to ask. The apparent ease with which he entered the medical profession after his inauspicious start, and with which he became an effective spiritual guide on top of being a highly esteemed neurosurgeon, does not mesh with my own experience and observations.

To me, it feels like he's leaving something out. Dec 16, Usha rated it really liked it Shelves: science , spiritual.

An inspiring read. To read of a spiritual journey of one who supplicates to god when expected to atleast equal him as a NeuroSurgeon, is very humbling. Hatsoff to Dr. Levy's inner urge to help patients as people and not as a medical case, and to give them a chance at holistic healing. Mention about sin and Jesus dying for our sins made me cringe, but the spontaneous healing that confession and forgiveness brought to people was jaw-dropping. The two are not simple acts, they need immense courage to An inspiring read. The two are not simple acts, they need immense courage to accept one's mistakes and let go of others'.

The psychosomatic relations are beautifully highlighted. The style of writing was appealing, esp how the last sentence of the chapter was indicative of what the next chapter was about. More than anything, it regenerated my awe of the Central Processing Unit of the human body. Feb 06, Ada Andrus rated it it was amazing. Very inspiring! I love the way this doctor touches his patients hearts with God's love!

See a Problem?

I believe as a doctor you're called not only to heal the physicals problems of the body, but also the heart, the soul, and to truly represent Jesus. This doctor is a true example of an authentic faith living! As a future young doctor, he really inspired me, and answered to my question: how to combine faith and science, God's love and medicine? This book is an answer!

Jun 17, Evalina rated it it was amazing Shelves: non-fiction. Such an inspiring and convicting book. To see God work through a neurosurgeon and his patients is really encouraging. It just goes to show you that God equips us to do what we think we can't, especially when he chooses to speak to others through us. This book had me on the edge of my seat at some points, it was tough to put down. Levy has done a great job of conveying his experiences and passion in this book.

Feb 23, Jennifer rated it really liked it. A wonderful and fascinating read! What a great leap of faith for Levy to start praying with his patients. Something I have never seen as a patient, that's for sure. Levy has a great balance of patient stories, his own background, and explanations of neurosurgery.

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I would love to see him speak sometime. Mar 31, Gayle rated it really liked it. A Very good book about Dr. Levy's experiences with having prayer with his patients. I am a firm believer in the power of prayer in the healing process. Nice to see that a physian has that same understanding. Jan 13, Becky rated it it was amazing.

Encouraging, inspiring, fascinating. Dr Levy's honest account of initiating prayer with patients and staff, combined with his detailed description of delicate surgical procedures, provides an enthralling story that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Gray Matter - Take It Back (1986) FULL ALBUM

I highly recommend to Christians of every walk of life. Mar 10, Sheila Good rated it it was ok. Initially this caught my interest because of my medical background; however, I soon found myself a little bored and felt more like i was always listening in on spiritual counseling. Jul 14, sun rated it it was ok. Author is rather self-righteous and condescending. Didn't like the tone or the attitude of the writing. May 21, Hillary rated it it was ok. This guy may be seriously talented as a neurosurgeon, but he seems really self-indulgent and preachy as an author.

Jun 01, Kelly rated it it was ok. The neurosurgery was interesting but the spiritual talks became repetitive and hokey. Also he learned to obey even when he himself didn't understand the reasons for doing HUMILITY which goes hand and hand with obedience, but humility demonstrated in his honesty about his own lack of faith, and his struggle with mistakes he made.

Yes, I loved the technical and medical descriptions But it fascinated me to see what amazing minds and skills God has given to people. Still, Dr. Levy has such a healthy view of what he doesn't know or understand.


He was willing admit he didn't know what to do at times. He was also able to advise against performing surgery or a procedure based on the big picture the age and other medical needs, spiritual state and support system of his patient. He learned to sense what God was saying Yet, he admitted the mistakes he made as he was learning to listen and obey. It was so helpful to note the type of questions he asked those who stated they had no faith in God or who had rejected Him.

In the process Dr Levy opened a spiritual door that had been shut often years before, so that patient could communicate with the only Source Who could help them now and for all eternity. This book could be an excellent resource for approaches medical people and counselors can use to get to bottom line alienation issues. At the same time, he shows respect for those who simply don't want to hear the message of hope and salvation he wanted to offer them. There was one other line Dr Levy "crosses" in the scientific and medical world he functions in.

Not only does he openly pray and engage patients in a conversation about their spiritual life, he also makes himself vulnerable as a fellow human being who deeply feels their pain and grief. Most medical training teaches that is unwise, as it will influence their objectivity. As a result, we have doctors and nurses who don't connect with patient's needs that are so obvious and they come across callous, proud, judgmental, and superior.

Dr Levy presents himself to his patients as safe, relational, open, and very human just like they are. Mar 07, Sharon Heaverly Machuga French rated it it was amazing. I don't think I can say enough good about this book. David Levy is a neurosurgeon who did not always have a significant relationship with God. He becomes closer to God in his later teenage years and decides after some years of medical practice that he not only wants to pray for his patients but he wants to pray with them.

At first, he is worried about how his peers and other medical staffers will look upon this practice, as well as the patients and their families. But he proceeds with much t I don't think I can say enough good about this book. But he proceeds with much trepidation and finds that most of his patients are willing to accept this. Later his colleagues begin to accept and expect it. The surgeries are not always successful but this also is a learning experience for the doctor.

I was fascinated by both the medical experiences in this book as well as the power of prayer. It is absolutely a book that I would recommend to anyone who wants to learn the Power of Prayer. I don't remember how I heard about Dr. David Levy, a Christian neurosurgeon, but his story is memorable.

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It is the story of how he came to offer to pray with his patients and the story of his own spiritual journey, which are interwoven in this unique book about something that is generally not discussed or done in the medical community This is an engrossing read which uses specific anecdotes to convey his belief that in order to treat th I don't remember how I heard about Dr.

This is an engrossing read which uses specific anecdotes to convey his belief that in order to treat the whole patient, the spiritual aspect cannot be neglected. The stories are infused with humanity, so there is no "holier-than-thou" tone at all. We did confirm elevated ceruloplasmin in our CIS cohort, but actually found chitinaselike protein to be significantly decreased in CIS. Kroksveen et al [21] also reported similar data to ours with respect to myelin related proteins not detected, or not differentiating, first-attack MS from established RR-MS.

Dhaunchak et al. They concluded that perturbed axoglial interactions must be involved in the early pathogenesis of MS. This study is not directly comparable, since it focused on pediatric patients, and did not compare first attack to established MS. Nevertheless it also linked gray matter rather than myelin components to CIS. The same strategy has recently led to the identification of disease-specific CSF proteins which differentiated CFS from nPTLS , as well as from healthy control CSF [9] , demonstrating its effectiveness in proteomic investigations in the biofluids.

Segmentation of MRI brain scans into gray matter, white matter, and CSF

Although the use of our mass spectrometry based proteomics method was for research purposes, they may have added value to current magnetic resonance imaging MRI because conventional MRI generally does not detect gray matter lesions. That requires non conventional advanced imaging technologies [24]. The data also indicate that the CSF proteome of these patients is distinguishable from established RR-MS, particularly by gray matter components axon, neuron, synapse , and that gray matter rather than myelin is more proximally involved in the initiation of MS. Written consent was obtained from subjects.

Proteomics analysis of CSF samples faces two major analytical challenges: extremely high dynamic range in protein concentration e. However, the use of immunoaffinity depletion and offline fractionation 30 fractions in this study requires a large amount of starting material; hence it is best suited for deep profiling of the pooled MS sample for qualitative comparisons with the deep proteomes that were previously established for two ONDs and healthy controls. The direct LC- mass spectrometry analysis of individual CSF samples for label-free quantitation provides both high throughput measurements and good quantitation of relative protein abundance, and therefore uniquely suited for analysis of the entire set of individual CSF sample in the CIS, RR and control groups.

There were 8 females and 1 male, ranging in age from 18 to 42 years. Three had optic neuritis and 6 a multifocal CNS syndrome. Patients underwent lumbar puncture within 8 weeks of symptom onset. There were 9 females and 3 males, ranging in age from 19 to 47 years. Disease duration ranged from 3 months to 9 years. Seven underwent lumbar puncture within 8 weeks of a clinical relapse.

There were 4 females and 2 males, ranging in age from 31 to 54 years. In addition, for comparative purposes, we used previously published protein lists generated from 2 OND groups CFS and neurologic PTLS, [9] , and more than healthy and non-neurologic controls [8] , [9]. Because of limited volume, it did not have the advantage of the current methods of immunoaffinity depletion of abundant proteins which can mask less abundant proteins and high fractionation of the sample.

Neuroscience and intelligence

Nevertheless, this independent group permitted us to evaluation whether the gray matter proteins described in the Results in the immunoaffinity-depleted patients was also found in this group. RBC counts were less than 10 per mm 3. All CSF samples in the primary groups had the 14 most abundant proteins removed employing immunodepletion as previously described [8] increasing the depth of proteome coverage.

Briefly, prior to immunodepletion CSF samples were concentrated as follows: a 2. The concentrated samples were then depleted of the 14 most abundant proteins using an IgY14 LC5 depletion column from Sigma St. Louis, MO , and the depleted and bound proteins were collected. Louis, MO. The volume of the samples was then adjusted using 50 mM NH 4 HCO 3 to ensure that all samples had the same volume for in-solution digestion.

These analyses produced the in-depth characterization of the CSF proteome, and the combined results of abundant protein and less abundant protein fractions were used in the creation of an AMT tag database [25] for high throughput analysis of a larger number of individual subject samples using LC- mass spectrometry. Proteins isolated from CSF were digested with trypsin and processed as previously described [8].

Briefly, Solid urea Sigma, St. Louis, MO was added to each sample to a final concentration of 8 M. Then the samples were alkylated with 40 mM iodoacetamide from Sigma, St. Louis, MO was added. Electrospray emitters were custom made using um o. Data was acquired for min, beginning 65 min after sample injection and 15 min into gradient.

A dynamic exclusion time of sec was used to discriminate against previously analyzed ions. Label-free quantification of proteins in individual CSF samples was performed as previously described [8]. Briefly, peptide intensities from the LC- mass spectrometry analyses of the individual samples were log2 transformed and normalized using a mean central tendency procedure.

Canonical pathway analysis identified the pathways from the Ingenuity Pathways Analysis library of canonical pathways that were most significant to the MS proteins identified. The significance of the associations were assessed with the Fisher's exact test. Browse Subject Areas? Click through the PLOS taxonomy to find articles in your field. Abstract The cause of multiple sclerosis MS , its driving pathogenesis at the earliest stages, and what factors allow the first clinical attack to manifest remain unknown. Introduction The cause of Multiple Sclerosis MS [1] , its driving pathogenesis at the earliest stages, and how an area of the brain or spinal cord might be affected for the first clinical attack to manifest itself remain unknown.

Results Our CSF proteome analysis of first-attack MS patients, using two separate patient sets in multiple replicates, identified proteins that distinguished these patients from both established RR-MS and controls. Download: PPT. Figure 1. Figure 2. Label-free quantification of CSF proteins identified in patient and control samples. How well do you know Albert Einstein? How Albert Einstein's Brain Worked.

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