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  4. The history of the fork: When we started using forks and how their design changed over time.

City analysts following these companies predict immediate growth in earnings ahead. These are all things that people tend to keep buying no matter how austere the economic times become and it is that quality that makes these shares defensive. Contrast defensive businesses with the other end of the scale where cyclical companies reside.

The cyclicals tend to deal in goods and services that last longer and which customers often cut from their budgets when times are hard. Cyclicals end up with fluctuating revenues, profits, cash flow and share prices as the macroeconomic environment changes. That makes them ideal investments for the compounding investor. So if other investors lose interest in these companies and the share prices ease off, I'll be looking to buy more of what I know to be a good thing. If you are a long-term investor with a focus on compounding, I think it is worth keeping an eye on BATS, Diageo and Reckitt Benckiser with a view to buying the shares -- particularly on any sign of share price weakness.

Kevin Godbold has no position in any shares mentioned. We Fools don't all hold the same opinions, but we all believe that considering a diverse range of insights makes us better investors. He, and his sound—loud, technologically sophisticated and stunning in its virtuosity, avant-garde in its musical language—was by a very big business. And while Hendrix himself may have wanted his audience to be transformed into active participants in their own history, the medium could not deliver that message with sincerity.

Often enough, then, the cultural unity and shared experience the music evoked lasted only the length of the concert. There was no linear path down which anti-war music moved, but as a safe generalization, the more carnage the Vietnam War wrought, the hotter in temper became the songs expressing opposition. On the same stage at Woodstock where Jimi Hendrix performed, Country Joe McDonald delivered perhaps the best-remembered anti-war song of the time. Come on mothers throughout the land, Pack your boys off to Vietnam. Be the first one on your block To have your boy come home in a box.

The song was a savage swipe at what the anti-war movement considered American hypocrisy. The increasing anger within the anti-war movement peaked during the presidency of Richard Nixon.

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While Nixon did decrease the number of troops in Vietnam, he also ordered secret bombings of North Vietnamese supply routes that ran through neutral Cambodia. When, in April of , Nixon decided to send troops into Cambodia, campuses across the country erupted in protests and a strike of hundreds of thousands students on more than campuses. Gotta get down to it Soldiers are cutting us down Should have been done long ago.

What if you knew her And found her dead on the ground How can you run when you know? It was a call to arms that many AM radio stations, their formats focused on harmless pop hits, refused to play. They stayed clear of day-to-day organizing and ongoing moral support of activists. This fact has on occasion prompted historians and others to ask some tough questions of the times. The questions are important for thinking about youth culture as a whole, but anti-war songs were certainly not the best sellers of the time.

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Though white male rockers received most of the attention, both in the streets and on stage, it is important to remember that the anti-war music of the Vietnam era was much wider and more diverse than people now recall. African Americans contributed much of this sometimes forgotten anti-war music.

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Absolutely nothing! I was very much affected by letters my brother was sending me from Vietnam, as well as the social situation here at home. I realized that I had to put my own fantasies behind me if I wanted to write songs that would reach the souls of people.

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I wanted them to take a look at what was happening in the world. As it turned out music did not accomplish these things. What anti-war music did do, as all protest music has done throughout American history, was to raise spirits while doing battle, help define the identities of activists, and turn passive consumption into an active, vibrant, and sometimes liberating culture.

Ian Irvine. Stan Nicholls. John Gwynne. The Dusk Watchman. Tom Lloyd. Master Mage. Michael G. Warded Mage. Stranded Mage.

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The Lascar's Dagger. Glenda Larke. God Mage. Mountain of Madness. Darkness and Steel. Martin Parece. A Dawn of Dragonfire. Daniel Arenson. The Mountains Rise. A Dance of Shadows. David Dalglish. Fire and Steel. Morgan Rice. Broken Mage. The Bear and the Serpent. Adrian Tchaikovsky. Daryl Yearwood. Drawn Blades. A Dance of Chaos.