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Your First Grade Writing Checklist
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  2. Sight Words: When They Just Don’t Stick
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She has 8 kids, several with dyslexia, and has great tips and helps there including curriculum ideas for teaching children with dyslexia.

Praying for you right now that you will find what works for your son. As a teacher, I needed this encouragement this morning.

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My kiddos will get there, just not today! Thank you for all the helpful comments. Someone helped us through. Robin Rose Howell, Has your child made reading progress? Yes, those are both great programs for teaching reading. Robin Rose- My son is also dyslexic. For kids with dyslexia that generally means strengthening their auditory memory most important and visual memory also important, but less so.

A good analogy is to imagine someone who has a broken leg being given endless suggestions for walking better: using a cane, rehab, positive self-talk, etc. None of these will work unless the broken leg is fixed. I know that with my son I tried all kinds of interventions — and I know a lot- and none of them worked until I dealt with his underlying issues.

Sight Word Readers for the Word “Make”

Hi there I just wanna say the for the great tips and ideas. I have spent a ton of money on my baby can read flash cards numerous games. Thanks for sharing what you have. I love your website. I have been subscribed to your site for about ten days but I have not received any info from you. I was hoping to get some of your awesome freebies. I have purchased some of your products on TPT. Love them! What should I do? Hi Becky, I just love your resources and posts. The developmental stage of your child should be your main indicator. For example, NJoy started showing me he was ready for sight words at the age of three.

Sight Words: When They Just Don’t Stick

Pay attention to this. Start simple. Sight words need to be introduced slowly with children just learning to […]. Here is another great blog post with more ideas for teaching these types of words, and a different one for those who struggle with learning […]. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

16 other products in the same category:

Welcome Blog Shop Learning Apps. Make it multi-sensory! Move and chant the words. My kiddos love these! The great thing about sight words is that they are everywhere!


When a child writes words, it builds that phonemic segmentation, the awareness of sounds in words, and gives them exposure to the sight words in a meaningful way. Be explicit in pointing out the tricky parts of some sight words. In this download, there are these 3 booklets:. They also mostly use words that were learned in previous sight word readers.

The child can also use the pictures to help them read the sentences. You may have to help them with words that are not sight words. Encourage your child to sound out words, if they can!

High-Frequency Word Books | Reading A-Z

Find all the sight word readers in my collection HERE. Print pages on paper. Page 1 is my Terms of Use. You can also print the pages front and back. I love these readers and really appreciate you offering them for free. The books are so fun — I teach at an at-risk school and my kindergartners love to read them, which is half the battle, right?! Your email address will not be published.

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Recipe Rating. After printing, cut out the pages and staple them together. Enjoy reading with your little one!!

Day 1 Shared Reading of a Big Book in First Grade

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