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This world is amazing. The lore behind this is so developed. As the story kept going, the world kept going. I loved how gradually it unfolded. One of my biggest pet peeves with fantasy is when the whole world is info-dumped on me. Lots of terms all at once and some overexplaining or lack of explaining. In addition to the lush world, I loved the characters. Ryn and Ellis were such great characters to follow. I found them incredibly fleshed out. Ryn with her grief and trying to provide for her family in the absence of her family.

Ellis by dealing with the feeling of loss he has of being a boy with no family and how he handles having chronic pain from an old injury. The side characters were also great. I loved reading about Ceri and Gareth and Goat — an actual goat, who was the true hero of all this. The villagers in Colbren were also such fun to read. It really felt like I was in a small, medieval town where people were close out of necessity to survive and because they liked each other. While I enjoyed all of these aspects, I also felt like the story stalled out periodically.

Things just stopped and I was reading for a while, not really seeing anything new, then all of a sudden the story picked back up. It was still interesting and I finished the book, but the pacing could use some work. Overall, this was a fantastic stand-alone YA fantasy. Sep 07, Alaina rated it really liked it Shelves: arcs , september , historical-fiction , fiction , romance , fantasy , horror , young-adult , ng-group-challenge.

I received this ARC from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. Spoilers below I think? The Bone Houses was beyond entertaining. In it, you will meet Ryn.

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She is a bad ass gravedigger - which means she kills the dead. Why do you ask that? Well, the dead don't stay.. Besides going after the bone houses, which is what she calls them, she is also dealing with a lot on her plate. I mean, saving your house so that your family doesn't get evicted is a lot for one person t I received this ARC from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. I mean, saving your house so that your family doesn't get evicted is a lot for one person to hold on her shoulders. Well, it was until the day an angel came into her life.

A money bags kind of angel named Ellis. He is a mapmaker that is trying to figure out his past. Plus it doesn't help that this place he stepped into is full of such mystery. There's talk of magic and some kind of holy grail near by. If you didn't already guess it, I really enjoyed this book and these two characters. They kind of had an instantaneous chemistry which I adored.

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Yet, my favorite character was Goat. Yep, you heard it right here - please read this book just so you can meet the GOAT. Every twist and turn was addicting because I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. Some I had no idea I was going to get and others kind of made everything else fall into place. Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I can't wait for everyone to read this amazing book.

Will definitely look into another book by this author as well! The Bone Houses by Emily Lloyd-Jones follows a gravedigger- and an apprentice mapmaker who embark on a journey to defeat a decades-old curse that causes the dead or in this case "bone houses" to rise- and for some unknown reason-attack with an all new ferocity that comes seemingly out of nowhere. I fell head over heels in love with these characters, and the story itself felt like an original fairy-tale that was not unlike something you'd expect from the Grimm brothers themselves.

The expected publication for this book is the 24th of September, ! You'll not want to miss this once it hits the shelves! Hello I just want to spend the rest of my days reading books about necromancy is that too much to ask. View 2 comments. Oct 05, Angela Staudt rated it it was amazing.

Death could not touch it. I loved the lush magic, and the eeriness as well. I cared for the characters quite a lot and shed quite a few tears towards the end. Reading a book about bone houses zombies basically , I just thought it would be a fast-paced read, but I was so very wrong. I loved the main character Ryn and how she was so strong for her family. This book surprisingly had me laughing at the witty humor one moment and crying because of the grief that Ryn carries with her. I loved and enjoyed her interactions with her brother and sister as well as the town folk, and Ellis the mysterious map maker who comes to their little town called Colbren.

I loved the slow burn romance that took place as well between Ryn and Ellis and it was such a small part of the story, but I feel like that made it so much more powerful. I really enjoyed the journey they went on and how they dealt with their pain and grief. This is one of those books that is going to stick with me for a while because of the message and just how beautifully it was told. I am so glad this came in my September Owlcrate box, it was the perfect book to start my October Spooky Reads.

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Jan 16, Amber The Book Bratz rated it it was amazing Shelves: reads , physical-arc , fantasy , young-adult , reviewed. Emily blew me away with her writing style, characters and such a unique idea and I hope to read more by her one day. Ryn, a gravedigger, is trying to save her family from being evicted from their home.

Her mother and father died and her uncle has been MIA so it has only been Ryn and her siblings for the past few months.

The Spider-Eating Bone-House Wasp

But as the dead keep rising people are choosing to burn their dead instead of burying them and Ryn's family is making almost no money. The dead that rise are called Bone Houses and legend says they were created by a magical curse. But something is stirring the Bone Houses and the are moving closer to the town instead of staying in the forest as they once where. When Ryn saves Ellis, a mapmaker from a Bone House she doesn't know that the adventure to save her life, her family's and all of Colbren from this curse is about to happen.

The Bone House › › Twin Palms Publishers Publishers

I really loved Ryn's character. She is selfless yet selfish at the same time. Which the best of us are. She will do anything and everything for her family and the people she cares about. She doesn't back down from the Lord who is threatening to evict her and her siblings from their home to pay for their uncle's gambling debt, if anything she just pushes his buttons and threatens him. In her chapters you can see how much that Ryn has sacrificed and the things she has had to do to keep her siblings safe. Ryn hunts the Bone Houses and when killing them she apologizes and talks to them as if they can respond to her.

It made me laugh out loud a couple of times. Ellis is a mapmaker and is in search of his birth parents. As a child he was found in the woods with a broken collar bone, which was never set right. Because of that he is limited to what he can do because of unbearable pain. But he pushes on and ends up lost in the woods surrounding Colbren, where Ryn ends up saving him from a Bone House.

His search is going to lead him into the depths of the mountains and he needs a guide. Ellis has the coin that Ryn needs to pay off her uncle's debt and who else knows the forest better then her? Once the deal is struck they are off. This is just a brief paragraph on how I really loved Bone Goat. Like, I found her to be super epic and she always ended up turning up at the weirdest and most random times. But the stubborn goat continued on the way anyway, because besides being stubborn she is loyal to Ryn and her family.

The Bone Houses was twist and turns that I didn't see coming. Each page was a new surprise and something that moved the plot a long. Emily expanded upon her world with an info dump that would leave you with your head spinning. Her world building was gradual and enough that I was able to picture Ryn and Ellis' journey clearly. The Bone Houses was also an emotional roller coaster for me. There were times I was laughing, times I thought something scary and I even teared up a few times.

Emily made her characters feel real.

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But I also loved that is was a standalone because everything was wrapped up really nice by the end of the novel. Aug 31, Laurie —A Court of Books— rated it it was amazing Shelves: arc , fantasy , read-in , bookcon-bookexpo , standalone. And to let go of them, when they did. However, my review is based on an unfinished and uncorrected copy, please note that the story and quotes may differ from the final book. He also brought her in the magical forest bordering the village, where no one dares to venture, to try to find food and taught her everything she needed to know about the Bone Houses, risen corpses that roam in darkest parts the forest after nightfall.

There are legends about the Bone Houses, a caldron that was supposed to resuscitate the dead was broken and its content spilled in the forest, raising all those who died there, especially ruthless soldiers that came in the forest to steal that said caldron. One day, her father went in the mines inside the forest and never came back, and after her mother passed away, seventeen-years-old Ryn is now responsible for her younger siblings, she needs to provide for her brother Gareth who is one year younger than her and her sister even younger sister Ceridwen.

She took over her family graveyard but not enough people are dying to provide for her family and with the rumours about the Bone Houses growing, villagers tend to burn their loved ones instead of burying them. Ellis, an eighteen-year-old apprentice mapmaker who comes from the city wants to map the region, including the forest and the Mountains of Annwvyn beyond, that supposedly used to be the domain of the long-gone lord of fae and where no human ever went.

After being saved from a Bone House attack by Ryn he hires her to serve as a guide and protector in his quest in exchange for good money. Despite the evident danger, Ryn immediately accepts. Outside their said motivation, both of them have hidden motives to take that journey. Ellis wants to find out more about his past and hopefully find his birth parents and Ryn is desperate to end the Bone Houses curse and discovers what happened to her father. But perhaps a gravedigger could. The pacing was perfect and I was never bored.

Ryn was a fantastic protagonist with a no-nonsense attitude, she was stubborn, selfless yet selfish at the same time, she will do anything to make family safe, and, like all the characters, she was incredibly fleshed out. I was in a fairy tale quest context and I really thought that Ellis and Ryn were just travelling companions, or friends, like Frodon and Sam or Harry and Hermione. However, the themes in this book touched me deeply. Also, the portrayal of grief was spotless. Sep 21, Taschima rated it it was amazing Shelves: bea , stacking-the-shelves.

Ryn, the grave digger's daughter, is our heroine. She is quiet, strong, determined. She takes care of both the corpses that stay dead, and the ones that come out to play after night falls. Her town is "She knew how things died. Her town is on the border of the mystical forest in which the Bone Houses reside, and until recently these bone houses have stayed within their boundaries, but something is changing because they are getting ever closer to their town, and attacking any person who happens to be in their way. This is how Ryn meets Ellis, a map maker who gets lost in the forest because he was following another's incorrect map.

She saves him from a Dead House, and he hires her to take him out to the mythical mountains in which the Bone Houses live. He is looking to map the area, and maybe connect with his long lost family, Ryn wants to pay old debts and perhaps find an end to the Bone Houses before they destroy her beloved town.

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I could not look away from this story! It is unputdownable. I loved the relationship between Ryn and Ellis though while reading the names were very confusing, Ryn being the girl and Ellis being the boy, but I got used to it! The romance is not the biggest part of the story, it does not drive the story forward, but it is a sweet addition. The bone houses within truly reminds me of The Black Cauldron skeletons, which is a great comparison because Emily Lloyd-Jones even confirmed it is based on the same Welsh myths.

It is very spooky and the ambiance is just fantastic. Perhaps this should be added unto every Halloween readathon from now until the end of times ; Jul 29, OutlawPoet rated it it was amazing. So, if you're saturated with zombies and read this plot description and immediately dismiss the book, I'd suggest you at least read a sample of the book.

This is good! You have a wonderfully unusual location, a main character who is so full of girl power and heart that you just adore her and she carries an axe! You've got a villain, a damaged hero who is not your typical damaged hero, I assure you , and legends that just may be real The author has a lyrical way of writing that all So, if you're saturated with zombies and read this plot description and immediately dismiss the book, I'd suggest you at least read a sample of the book.

The author has a lyrical way of writing that allows the edge of the story to sneak up on you. I loved this. I want more from this author! Jul 27, Breanna rated it it was amazing Shelves: arcs. The story follows a gravedigger and a mapmaker on an epic adventure full of family, magic, and the undead. The book features elements of Welsh mythology, meanwhile other parts were reminiscent of The Black Cauldron. The book has so many things going for it. This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission.

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When looking at Hallstatt, you can see how people's beliefs shaped the overall appearance of the World Heritage town. There is evidence of family tradition in the skull paintings and numerous painters were active during this time period. With few exceptions, certain painting styles emerge as characteristic for particular eras. Skulls with wreaths are the oldest—the darker the wreath, the older the skull. Thin wreaths and coloured crosses with contoured edges are the latest examples of this type of painting.

Flower ornamentation on the forehead marks the next phase of artistic development followed by green leaves on the temples oak, ivy, oleander. A black cross on the forehead was almost always included. The latest paintings from the beginning of the 19th century are characterized by thin ivy branches on either side of the skull, Latin script and comparatively narrow crosses. At times, skulls only carry the name of the individual. Some paintings are copies of earlier examples.

During the last few years of the 20th century, very few skulls were interred in the charnel house. Located adjacent to the picturesque cemetery and next to the catholic parish church, St. Donated by the salt merchant Eysl in , the baroque Michael Altar stands in the eastern section of the chapel. The baroque pulpit located on the northern wall was moved from the parish church in The rear altar originates from the former hospital chapel in the Hallstatt village district of Lahn.

The two stone lanterns on the village side were once used during funeral masses.