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In addition to each individual section, we also have a comprehensive selection of articulations and techniques presented in an 'ensemble' format designed for sketching and composing with 'out of the box' satisfaction. Presented as a Kontakt Player library, there are no further purchases necessary.

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It features a new 'intuitive' GUI with an inbuilt user manual. Spitfire was built on a chamber strings project. Many of our friends, including A-list composers, complained that sampled strings were unwieldy, ill-defined and too epic. That for much of their output, sensitive and achingly beautiful quiet passages through to searing lyricism didn't require huge numbers but attention to detail.

Spitfire Chamber Strings

That symphonic ranges often tripled and quadrupled in size when playing lots of notes. So we set about recording a chamber strings range which we shared as part of a private project with our nearest and dearest, and were delighted when it was received with huge amounts of optimism and encouragement.

Many, however, noted how it still sounded 'kind of big'. So we returned to the chamber challenge with a question: How small can we go before it no longer sounds like a section? The answer was 4,3,3,3,3.

9 Oldest Actors Still Alive in Hollywood (2019)

A uniquely intimate group of extraordinary players in one of the best recording locations. Originally available in volumes, this project has now taken 4 years of our life. We now present Spitfire Chamber Strings in a rationalised, and more instantly useable form. As mentioned before it is the Spitfire team's absolute favourite string range, admired for its beauty, its versatility but also its totally unique sonic character.

Beautiful, instantly playable symphonic string textures. Spitfire Chamber Strings. Millions of humans, side by side, but walled off from each other.

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The dilemma is best dramatised through Cypher, played by Joe Pantoliano. Although free from the matrix for nearly a decade, he cannot bear what has happened to the world. So he cuts a deal with the machines to re-enter the simulation and have all memories of the truth wiped. I know that when I put it in my mouth, the Matrix is telling my brain that it is juicy and delicious.

Full text of "The Encyclopedia Of Country Music"

After nine years, you know what I realise? Even though the real world is scorched and almost uninhabitable — far worse than the declining planet that Wade Watts seeks refuge from — it cannot be abandoned. The real must be valued above all else.

Interestingly, VR is often treated with the same suspicion that has dogged video games as a whole over the last 30 years — that spending all day lost in a digital world is antisocial, morally suspect and corrupting. The parallels are obvious in the somewhat dated film The Lawnmower Man.

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Based on a Stephen King short story, it stars Pierce Brosnan as the brilliant but quite mad scientist Dr Lawrence Angelo, who uses virtual worlds to expand the minds of chimpanzees. When his test chimp turns murderous — of course — he begins experimenting on Jobe, a man with learning difficulties who mows his lawn. When his research stalls, Angelo retreats to his basement and spends hours in his VR worlds, neglecting his wife and various responsibilities.

In fact, his only real friend seems to be the kid next door, who believes that Angelo has all the best games and comes around to use the VR rig. And their effect is literally mind-altering: Jobe becomes more intelligent, but they soon grant him the less desirable traits of telekinesis — and murderous rage.

Paramount Pictures

There is no wholesome substitute for the real world. The recent Black Mirror episode San Junipero offered a more hopeful scenario. Black Mirror generally offers up terrifying visions of a future distorted by technology, but here it explores its potential to unite people and create a new type of community.

In this unusual love story, the main character Kelly eventually chooses to stay in the town after she dies, surviving beyond her body by allowing her consciousness to be digitised and uploaded to a server. Similar games already exist: World of Warcraft and EVE Online have supported large and sophisticated virtual communities for decades.